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Find your Cincinnati Reds tickets right here at! Behind players like Joey Votto, Branden Phillips, and Billy Hamilton the Reds are looking towards a great 2017 MLB season at the Great American Ball Park. Search through the Reds MLB schedule below and find your seats for a Reds game today!

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Cincinnati Reds TicketsCincinnati Reds MLB Season
The Cincinnati Reds finished the 2016 MLB season last in the National League Central for the second year in a row. The Reds finished with a 67 game winning record and 36 games out of first place. Look for the 2017 MLB Reds to rebound and make a push for the MLB Playoffs.

About the Cincinnati Reds
The Cincinnati Reds were born in 1869 and through the years have been a staple to the City of Cincinnati, OH. Fans each year flock to the Great American Ball Park for MLB action, hot dogs, cold drinks, and good ole family fun.

The Cincinnati Reds (originally known as the Red Stockings) joined the National League in 1890. It was at that time that the franchise shortened its name to just the Cincinnati Reds. In 1919, The Reds won their first World Series against the Chicago White Sox. In years since, the Reds have won a total of 5 World Series in 1919, 1940, 1975, 1976, and 1990.

IN the 1970’s the Reds were nicknamed the "Big Red Machine." Their manager Sparky Anderson, was a fierce leader and eventually went on to reach the MLB Hall of Fame. Also during the 70’s the Reds had a list of MLB All Stars that would define the Cincinnati Reds as a ball club. Players like Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan and Pete Rose.

The Reds play in the National League Central division against tough competition like the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Milwaukee Brewers. Check out above the Cincinnati Reds Great American Ball Park schedule and find your tickets right here at

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Cincinnati Reds News
Williams: Front office working hard to add value
Save for two waiver claims, one Rule 5 selection and the trade of another Rule 5 pick, the Reds' offseason has been decidedly quiet. General manager Dick Williams insists it's been busier behind the scenes, and he's been engaging with clubs and agents.
Red Reposter - The Thrill of Hope
Should fans be optimistic about the next few seasons? Being honest with yourself is one of the most difficult things you can do. How many of us have had a moment when we’re watching something like the CrossFit Games and thought, “I can do that.” We head to the garage, move the boxes hiding our old weight bench, lift the bar over our head once, and then grab some aspirin on the way back to the couch. Thinking objectively about ourselves is hard, but it’s necessary. The same thing is true when it comes to assessing a Major League Baseball team. A roster that’s in bad shape can only get better when the front office recognizes that the roster is in bad shape. What would it look like for the Cincinnati Reds to be honest with themselves? Jayson Stark briefly answered this question in his article, “Is there any hope for baseball’s basement dwellers?” Stark took a look at the A’s, Padres, Rays, and Reds. Specifically, he tried to gauge the level of hope each team should have in light of ...
Garrett motivated to crack big league rotation
Reds left-handed pitching prospect Amir Garrett didn't mince words when asked about the opening in the big league rotation this spring. "I'm coming," Garrett said. "They're not going to give it to me, so I'm going to come and take it."
MLB trade rumors: Are the Reds running out of places to trade Brandon Phillips?
So many questions, but so few answers on the future of the Reds 2B. Since last Winter, it has not been a secret that Reds’ second baseman Brandon Phillips would be the next veteran in line to be unloaded via trade. Even with his 10/5 rights, which allow for a veteran of 10 years who has spent 5 consecutive years with the same team to veto any trade, the Reds weren’t shy about their attempts to move their star second baseman. They even had two separate deals in place to send him to Arizona and Washington. Even though those deals would ultimately fall apart, we knew that there were a couple of teams out there who viewed Phillips as valuable. With the development of Jose Peraza and recent acquisition of Dilson Herrera, the need to trade Phillips this off-season seems a little more urgent to get these younger guys some playing time. In November, that possibility seemed to become more of a reality with Phillips revealing that he’d be willing to waive his no-trade clause this time aroun...
2016 Draft Review: Alex Webb
Back in October, Baseball America surveyed scouts, scouting directors, and player-development personnel and determined the Cincinnati Reds had the best 2016 draft. You may remember our Wick Terrell mentioned this in November when the results were announced. As Wick alludes, the results are perhaps a bit premature, but it’s an encouraging sign for a franchise lacking in good news over the past couple of years. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take a look at each of the Reds picks in the first 10 rounds of the 2016 draft to see what all the fuss is about. Next up is Alex Webb, the ninth round pick from the University of British Columbia. I’m convinced the Reds drafted Alex Webb just so Joey Votto would have a new best friend. Webb attended the University of British Columbia and was awarded the NAIA Pitcher of the Year along with the 2016 CoSida Academic All-America of the year. He was an electrical engineering major and a rare two-time academic all-american. I can’t blame ...
The future of Zack Cozart and the Cincinnati Reds
A new home for the Reds shortstop, or a renovated one? Dickens’ Ghost of Christmas Past was a cagey vessel, one tasked initially with carting the heartless Ebeneezer Scrooge through his own time and space, highlighting his miserly ways and showing him how they had stunted many of the lives of those around him. But that message was deliberately two-fold, as the true intent was to show Scrooge how his patterns and preferences had turned him into a veritable Midas over time, a decades long evolution that was readily apparent. Eventually, the Ghost of Christmas Future got Scrooge to take notice, as - SPOILER ALERT - a life was lost that he could have easily helped to save had he merely taken any interest along the way. This is an article about Zack Cozart’s future, as the title plainly suggests. And while his surgically repaired knee and sore achilles ended his 2016 season prematurely, I can pretty well confirm that he’s otherwise a fine, dandy, healthy human being. Tiny Tim his body ...
After breakout '16, Duvall not changing approach
Since Adam Dunn was traded in 2008, the Reds have rarely had stability over who manned left field. Many players tried, with varying degrees of success -- but few lasted long. In 2016, Adam Duvall seemed to have stopped the revolving door.
Bryan Price on Developing (But Not Babying) Pitchers
Bryan Price doesn’t believe in limiting pitchers. That much is clear based on his response to a question I posed during last week’s Winter Meetings. I asked the Cincinnati Reds manager — and former minor- and major-league pitching coach — if there are any changes he’d like to see in the way the organization develops pitchers. I expected a more cautious answer than I received. Rather than pussyfoot, Price proffered a strong opinion. The way he sees it, babying pitchers in the minor leagues compromises their ability to work deep into games once they reach Cincinnati. Not only that, it can hinder their chances of becoming a top-notch starter. Note: Price’s comments have been edited for clarity and continuity. ——— Bryan Price on developing pitchers: “The big challenge for me, personally, is a world where we want pitchers to throw less. I think they need to throw more. And not just necessarily bulk innings; I think pitchers need to throw more on the side. We have pitchers come through ou...
The Most Atypical Players in Baseball
Greetings! Yesterday, I wrote about how Billy Hamilton is a freak. If you didn’t read the post, let me save you some time. First of all, yeah, you kind of already knew that. But, statistically, he’s gone almost without comparison. I looked at all regulars and semi-regulars through age 25, going back to 1961, and I examined their batting, baserunning, and defense. Based on my analysis, Hamilton stands out, with his closest comp being Julio Cruz. To this point, he’s been a terrible hitter. He’s also been an elite runner and defender. Highly unusual! Related to that, I felt somewhat inspired. That was a post about how Hamilton is atypical. Who else these days is atypical? Who these days is the most atypical? What follows is a quick and similar analysis. Of course, you haven’t seen the last of Hamilton’s name. For this one, I considered just the last three years, and I set a minimum of 750 plate appearances. In the Hamilton post, I pulled numbers from Baseball-Reference, but this time ...
Billy Hamilton, the Absolute Freak
Some people track the passing of time through watching their children. Other people track the passing of time by looking at what time it is, and comparing that to a previous time, from back in the past. I tend to track the passing of time by thinking in baseball terms. I can’t really help it, and sometimes it takes me by surprise. It feels like just yesterday that Billy Hamilton was one of the most exciting and polarizing prospects in the sport. Now Hamilton is the subject of some trade rumors, because he’s entering his arbitration years and the Reds aren’t going to be good any time soon. Life comes at you fast. (Faster than Billy Hamilton!) (But not actually that fast.) I don’t need to explain Hamilton to anybody. At least, not anybody on FanGraphs. Runs fast, doesn’t hit. It feels like a somewhat typical profile. Maybe thinking about Hamilton causes you to think about Willy Taveras. We’ve all seen players kind of like this. I’d like to demonstrate that Hamilton is particularly ext...

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